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Satcom Solutions For All Markets

Satcom Solutions For All Markets


Prior to COVID 19 pandemic airlines were seeing record commercial passenger traffic and ordering more aircraft to meet the increase in demand. The prediction is that when the pandemic is over, and travel becomes normalized the growth trend will continue as before.
The larger airlines know of the value and demand for in-flight connectivity (IFC) and invest to maximize the passenger experience while flying. Other smaller or regional airlines that have been slow to adopt inflight connectivity (IFC) and business jets have realized this significant market opportunity as passengers demand internet access and better connections.

NSR projects that 23,000 aircraft will be connected by 2025; passenger connectivity services are predicted to grow to $5.4B by 2025, and IFC will become a $36 billion market over the next decade. Airlines that can best leverage IFC will gain strong business advantages in terms of customer loyalty, crew productivity, and company profitability.

5G Backhaul

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are looking to expand markets and reach nearly half of the world’s population that still does not have access to the internet. There is a huge opportunity for expansion that can be economically served by using satellite backhaul with 5G capabilities.

MNOs require highly reliable connections to extend services and applications that integrate seamlessly with their terrestrial networks. Lowering the total cost of ownership is key to connect the lower ARPU regions. MNOs must support multiservice capabilities, multiple market verticals, and scalable solutions for networks designed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint high-speed trunks.


Operational performance and reliable connectivity are the most critical parts in the communications systems in the maritime business. The maritime business includes many verticals including commercial shipping, oil & gas, fishing, cruise ships and passenger vessels, also government entities in defense, coastguard, police, and security forces.

Maritime vessel operators rely on systems designed specifically for their unique needs and challenges, this ensures that crews always have the right tools to work safely and efficiently on any vessel type. Using satellite VSAT improves ship-to-shore communications it boosts business productivity and improves the quality of life for seafarers. Crew connectivity is imperative for operational efficiency with greater access and interaction with resources onshore.

With throughput and coverage being the primary concerns for maritime service providers. Both passengers and crew expect a connection experience like that found on land. Operators require a highly reliable long-term solution that doesn’t require frequent and expensive maintenance.

Transportable / Mobile

The increasing need for data in the mobility and transportation industry is at an all-time high. Using satellite comms-on-the-move solutions provides numerous applications to support trains, buses, cars, government vehicles, and agricultural equipment that rely on greater connectivity capabilities than ever before. The amount of data and increased speed of data being transferred by these vehicles is increasing across terrestrial, wireless, and more and more satellite networks. The increased deployment of 4G LTE and the anticipation of 5G capabilities creates a broader connectivity ecosystem enabling more applications.

The ability to have transportable and comms-on-the-move satellite terminals to meet land mobility requirements creates new opportunities for operators and service providers to offer new solutions for those that demand connectivity while on the move.

Mil / Gov

Defense and Government satellite communication solutions require flexible, secure, reliable, scalable, and ruggedized solutions that handle huge amounts of data in high bandwidth applications. The ability to support applications for the connected soldier, real-time video, mapping and earth observation, IoT, and AI is critical.


Regardless of your orbital preference or space network architecture, RevGo Global can support your ground segment RF requirements. We are certified solution providers for Geostationary Equatorial Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, and Low Earth Orbit satellite systems.