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RevGo Global Becomes SES 03b/mPOWER Certified

RevGo Global is proud to be 03b/mPOWER certified. This certification demonstrates our company’s commitment to utilizing the latest satellite technology to provide high-quality, reliable connectivity solutions to our clients.
Being 03b/mPOWER certified offers several benefits, including:

  1. High-speed connectivity: With the use of the latest satellite technology, 03b/mPOWER provides high-speed connectivity that is essential for businesses that require fast and reliable internet access.
  2. Global coverage: 03b/mPOWER’s satellite network provides global coverage, allowing our clients to stay connected no matter where they are located.
  3. Scalability: 03b/mPOWER’s technology is designed to be scalable, allowing us to expand our services as our clients’ needs grow.
  4. Resilience: With 03b/mPOWER, our clients can enjoy a resilient network that can withstand weather events and other disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Overall, being 03b/mPOWER certified allows us to offer our clients the latest satellite technology, ensuring that they have the connectivity solutions they need to stay connected and productive.

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